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Cyprus has one of the most attractive taxation schemes in Europe. With corporate tax at 12.5%, 0% capital gains tax (except for real estate),0% dividends tax for non-domiciled individuals and a big number of double tax treaties, it is a perfect destination for a trading or a parent company in the international business world.

Whether you want to register a company in Cyprus or abroad, establish substance of a company, or simply require nominee directors or shareholders, we provide a full range of the required services to make your company registration and tax planning an easy and smooth process. You can get a ready-made company (“off the shelf”) same-day or use one of our approved ready names and have your company ready in 3 days.

Our excellent banking relationships mean that we can ensure priority for the opening of bank accounts. For urgent cases where the necessary due diligence is in place, we can open a bank account in one day.

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Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus

The recent upgrade of the investment funds framework has made Cyprus a top destination. Not only are the fund registration and maintenance costs lower than the competing countries and the taxation system one of the lowest in the EU, but the investment in alternative investment funds in Cyprus can give the investors access to citizenship by investment.

There are 3 types of alternative investment fund structures in Cyprus. Alternative Investment Funds, AIF’s with limited number of persons and Registered Alternative Investment funds. The first can be offered to unlimited number of retail investors, the second can be offered to up to 50 sophisticated or well-informed investors and the third one (RAIFs) can be offered to an unlimited number of well-informed or sophisticated investors. RAIFs do not require authorisation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission when managed by an alternative investment fund manager established in Cyprus or another EU member state.

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