Cyprus Company Incorporation

Cyprus company incorporation without physical presence in 3 working days

We provide services to people who want to set-up their company in Cyprus and save tax without disruption to their business, excessive costs and legal risks.

Why spend hundreds of thousands or more in taxation? Register a company in Cyprus with company law experts for competitive fees and get instant legal advice and support whenever required.

Have a reputable law firm by your side when setting-up your company in Cyprus. Avoid wrong advice, bad set-up and mistakes that cost thousands.

Cyprus corporate tax and the Cyprus IP Box

Benefit from Cyprus corporate tax which is one of the lowest in Europe at 12.5% of profits. For technology companies, tax can go as low as 2.5%!

Additionally, Cyprus taxes 0% capital gains (except for real estate) and 0% dividends tax for Cypriot non-domiciled tax resident individuals (as well as non-tax residents). Cyprus is an ideal jurisdiction for people looking to sell the shares of their startup or software they develop (being an asset of a capital nature), as both dividends and tax on exit will be 0%!

Cyprus company registration

Have your Cyprus company registered in 3 working days when you choose a company name for which we have already received an approval from the Cyprus Companies Registrar. Or get a ready (off the shelf) company if you need it the same day.

Cyprus company administration and registered office

We will take care of all administration needs you have (legal, regulatory, accounting) and offer you nominee director/s and shareholders, secretary and a registered office in Cyprus so that you can focus on building your business without worrying about regulatory, legal or taxation risks.

Cyprus company substance, work permits, tax and bank account opening

We can assist and advise you on company substance, Tax and VAT registration, bank account opening, employment matters, work permits and immigration permits so that you have don’t have to worry about the Cyprus company set-up and you have one contact who is supervising everything for you.

Enjoy the confidence of having a leading law firm by your side throughout your set-up. Whether you need a review of your agreements or your group structure, finding solutions with your tax consultants abroad or assistance with tax questions, we will be here for you.

Cyprus Tax residency – Non-Domiciled tax residents in Cyprus

For people moving to Cyprus, becoming a non-domiciled tax resident in Cyprus means that their dividends will not be taxed as Cyprus doesn’t tax dividends. The only charge will be the payment of the General Health Insurance contributions (2.65% on a maximum of EUR180.000 = EUR4.770).

We help people moving to Cyprus become non-domiciled tax residents in Cyprus quickly and stress-free.

If you would like some help with the registration of a company in Cyprus, taxes or non-domiciled tax residency in Cyprus, contact us for a free consultation.

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Cyprus International Trusts

Cyprus International Trusts help you protect your hard earned wealth and your loved ones.

It is increasingly important for high net-worth individuals and people in high-risk professions to protect their wealth. Attacks from tax authorities, separated spouses and disgruntled creditors threaten to take away your wealth.

Trusts have traditionally been used to protect against those risks by placing property in Cyprus or abroad, money and other assets under trust management

Get enhanced asset protection with Cyprus International Trusts

Cyprus International Trusts are a legislative amendment on traditional trusts with enhanced asset protection features to provide security. Even Cyprus International Trusts however can be vulnerable if they are not carefully drafted.

We can help you create a proper Cyprus International Trust with the highest level of asset protection to protect your wealth and pass it on to the people you want.

We will guide you on the creation of your Cyprus International Trusts or review your existing arrangements, explain what the risks are and what is the best way to achieve your aims.

We will create your Cyprus International Trusts or execute changes to existing Cyprus trusts and act as your trustees if you would like. Additionally, we will do all necessary registrations and properly draft all the documents required to ensure maximum protection so that you can get peace of mind from the risks the future may bring.

If you would like some help with setting up or reviewing your Cyprus International trust then contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Covid-19, growing inflation and economic volatility made the improvement of life quality and the saving of significant amounts of money in taxes payable more important for the well-being of people. We are committed in supporting individuals and companies set-up their businesses in Cyprus to save taxes and see the future with confidence.

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Company Registration Procedure

Choose a company name (or take one of our pre-approved company names)

Let us know what the business of the company will be

Give us the necessary information for the director/s secretary registered office and shareholders.

Company name approval within 3-4 working days

Company registration within another 3-4 working days

Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.