explore the possibility of Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment


Foreigners can navigate pathways to Cyprus Citizenship in the following ways: From Descent and Marriage to naturalization and real estate investment

While Cyprus citizenship by investment is no longer available as a direct path to the country’s passport, wealthy investors can still enjoy permanent residency with the possibility of acquiring Cypriot nationality after residing in the country for an accumulative period.


Obtain Cypriot nationality through real estate investment and other options







With a minimal threshold of €300,000, Investors have the option to:

1. Purchase residential property (new only)
2. Purchase existing or new commercial property i.e. restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, etc.
3. Obtain shares in a Cypriot company in addition to employing at least 5 people
4. Purchase securities

Unlike the temporary residence permit, investors don’t need to renew their permanent residence permit once they have obtained it and will qualify to apply for Cyprus nationality after obtaining permanent residence for a minimum of 5 years.

Foreign individuals have the opportunity to acquire Cypriot citizenship through the process of naturalization. To be eligible, one must have primarily resided in Cyprus for the majority of the preceding seven years.

Additionally, it is a prerequisite that the applicant has maintained legal and continuous residence within the country for a period of one year leading up to the date of the application.

The application process involves a fee with the inclusion of two stamps. If the application is successfully approved, an additional fee will be required for the issuance of a naturalization certificate.

A foreign spouse of a Cypriot citizen is eligible to attain citizenship through marriage. To meet the criteria, the couple must have been married for a minimum of three years, and the foreign spouse must have resided in Cyprus for at least two years preceding the application date.

Alternatively, a spouse of a Cypriot citizen residing abroad can also submit an application. In such cases, the couple should have been married for a minimum of three years. Additionally, they are required to provide a letter explaining the reasons for seeking Cypriot citizenship for the foreign spouse.

However, if the couple has jointly resided abroad for a duration of at least five years and has a child, they are exempt from providing an explanation for their citizenship application.

It’s important to note that there is an application fee associated with filing for citizenship in this category.

Cypriot citizenship can be acquired through various avenues for individuals with Cypriot roots.

Citizenship by Birth: Those born in Cyprus or having at least one Cypriot parent automatically gain citizenship by birth.

Consular Birth Certificate: If born abroad after August 16th, 1960, and the father was a Cypriot citizen at the time of birth, or born after June 11th, 1999, with a Cypriot citizen mother, one can apply for a Consular Birth Certificate.

Pre-1960 UK Citizenship: Before August 16th, 1960, Cyprus was under UK rule, and its residents held UK citizenship. Now, those born before this date with Cypriot male lineage can apply for Cypriot citizenship.

Non-UK Citizens with Cypriot Male Lineage: Individuals born before August 16th, 1960, who are not UK citizens or from its former colonies but have Cypriot male lineage, are eligible to apply for Cypriot citizenship.

Post-1960 Birth with Later Citizenship: Individuals born on or after August 16th, 1960, whose parents were not Cypriot citizens at their birth but obtained citizenship afterward can also apply for Cypriot citizenship.

These various criteria offer opportunities for individuals with Cypriot roots to acquire citizenship based on their specific circumstances.


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