Secure a safe future for you and your family with the Cyprus Investment and Permanent Residency Programs

We help families apply for Cyprus immigration and residency by investment in Cyprus, safely, quickly and stress free

Many people live in countries where things can change rapidly for the worse. Having Cypriot nationality offers freedom and security for the entire family of the towards such unforeseen circumstances. A Cypriot citizen can work, live and travel freely in any European Union country (including of course Malta, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and the rest) while enjoying visa-free travel to 150+ countries in the world (including Canada and Australia). The benefits, the simple requirements and the quickness of the Cypriot Investment Program make it probably the most attractive scheme existing. Other people, who simply wish to reside with their family in Cyprus, can easily and quickly obtain a Permanent Residency with a smaller investment. We have helped dozens of happy clients to obtain nationality or permanent residency securely and smoothly, while at the same time helping them make the decisions right for them in terms of the investments and the relevant legal considerations. We are independent from all developers, real estate agents and organisations and the majority of our clients already are foreign investors which allows us to give you the best and most independent service that can be offered anywhere in the market. We aim to make the process safe and smooth for you so you don’t have to worry. It’s how we have built lasting relationships with our clients over the years. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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Cyprus Investment Program Requirements

  • Investment from €2.000.000 plus VAT
  • Donation of €75.000 – €150.000
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Approval of application in approximately 6 months
  • Issuance 3 months from approval

Permanent Residency (Fast Track) Requirements

  • Investment from €300.000 plus VAT
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • €30.000 fixed deposit for 3 years and minimum income from abroad
  • Approval in 3 - 4 months (can travel visa-free after approval)
  • PR Card issued in 1 month from approval

Why us

  • Buy from anyone and invest anywhere - We make it cheaper
  • Invest in Cyprus safely. Be protected
  • Know what to expect and when
  • Relocation and business set-up support INCLUDED
  • Protecting your wealth from attacks
  • Fixed fees – no surprises
  • Guiding you through the Cypriot market

Process in a nutshell

  • You contact us for a consultation. We explain the process and answer your queries.
  • We give you a quote – fixed fees no surprises
  • We guide you on what to prepare and help you organise your trip to Cyprus
  • We do the due diligence. Provide legal advice on the investment of your choice and the necessary contracts.
  • We help you open bank account and file the relevant applications.
  • We file the application and after it is approved (in 6 months) you come to Cyprus to provide biometric information. Nationality is granted issued in 3 months. For Permanent Residency applications the PR card is issued in 1 month after its approval.

Cyprus Investment Program

Any foreign investor can apply for the Cyprus Investment Program by:

  • Investing €2.000.000 in residential properties. Must have at least 1 property valued at a minimum of €500.000. Total investment €2.000.000
  • Investing €2.000.000 in non-residential real estate plus €500.000 in a single residential unit. Total investment is €2.500.000.
  • Investing €2.000.000 in the purchase creation or participation in Cyprus businesses/ companies plus €500.000 in a single residential unit. Total investment €2.500.000 (Such companies must have a substantial activity in Cyprus and employ at least 5 Cypriot or EU citizens who have been residing in Cyprus for a continuous period of 5 years minimum)
  • Investing €2.000.000 in financial assets of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) licenced by the Cyprus Stock Exchange Commission plus €500.000 in a single residential unit. Total investment €2.500.000

The investor can sell off the investment in 5 years. This of course does not include the single residential unit which the investor must hold on to or replace it with a property of at least €500.000.

The new criteria require a €75.000 donation to the Research and Innovation Foundation plus a donation of €75.000 to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation (to support housing for the less fortunate). The €75.000 donation to the Research and Innovation Foundation can be avoided if the investment includes either €75.000 investment in a certified innovative enterprise or €400.000 investment in (a) company whose operations fall within the primary or secondary sectors of the economy excluding constructions or (b) a company in the sectors of research and development, education, health and renewable energy sources.

Cyprus allows both the spouse and dependent children (under 18 or up to 28 who are studying or have a health issue) and the parents of the applicant to obtain a passport. If the parents of the applicants will get a passport, they also need to have a residence of €500.000 (or have together with the applicant a residence of €1.000.000). The €500.000 value is added on the applicant’s investment. (For example if an applicant invests €2.000.000 in residential properties he/she needs to add €500.000 for the parents, making the total investment €2.500.000)



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