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  • 9th April 2020
    Coronavirus and Powers of Attorney
    Articles, Wiils & Trusts
    The COVID-19 pandemic is a frightening reality in every country. In a matter of a few weeks it has...
  • 7th April 2020
    Copyrights in Cyprus
    Articles, Corporate & Funds
    This article explains what are copyrights and how they are protected in Cyprus.   What is Copyright? Copyrights are Intellectual Property rights,...
  • 4th April 2020
    Tradenames in Cyprus
    Corporate & Funds, Guides
    This post explains what is a tradename and how tradenames are protected and regulated in Cyprus.   What is a Trade...
  • 4th April 2020
    Trademark Registration in Cyprus
    Corporate & Funds, Guides
    This article discusses the regulation and protection of trademarks in Cyprus. What is a Trademark? A Trademark is an Intellectual Property...
  • 13th August 2019
    Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus
    Corporate & Funds, Guides
    An Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”) is an entity that collects funds from investors for their investment and is regulated...
  • 2nd August 2019
    Administration of Estates and Probate in Cyprus
    Guides, Wiils & Trusts
    The death of a loved one is undeniably one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. When dealing...
  • 30th July 2019
    Work Permits in Cyprus for Non-EU citizens
    Corporate & Funds, Guides
    Introduction This guide addresses the obtaining of work permit in Cyprus for non-EU Nationals. It is split in two sections....
  • 30th July 2019
    5 things to consider for an easy sale of...
    Articles, Property
    Summary Selling a property may cause inconvenience, stress and anxiety. We suggest the 5 steps to take when selling a...
  • 30th July 2019
    Cypriot Investment Program requirements after the 15.05.2019
    Guides, Immigration
    This guide examines the changes to the Cyprus Investment Program after the 15.05.2019. Despite the recent changes, the Cyprus nationality...