Israel and Cyprus agrees on travel deal for vaccinated citizens

A step-stone agreement seeking to revive tourism industries battered by the pandemic was reached between Israel and Cyprus to allow coronavirus-vaccinated citizens of the two countries to travel between them without limitations, once passenger flights restart.

The so-called “green pass” will allow vaccinated people from both countries reciprocal travel and they will not be required to take a PCR test to travel between the two countries and will not be placed in quarantine upon arrival.
The agreement is expected to be implemented in a month.

The resumption of unrestricted free movement is of great importance as it seems to be an innovative way to help the economic sector recover from the COVID-19 situation.

Currently, Israel is listed as Category C and Israelis who wish to arrive in Cyprus for holidays are required to obtain beforehand a special Entry permit which is submitted online through the platform following the link within 14 days prior to the expected travel date and the approval granted is valid for a month since the date of issue.

On approval of the Special Entry Permit they must fill out the CyprusFlightPass within 24 hours prior to their flight to Cyprus and they must possess a certificate that confirms negative PCR for Covid-19 with the sample taken during the last 72 hours before their travel to the Republic of Cyprus.
On their arrival to Cyprus, they must get on self-isolation for 14 days.

*This article contains information for general guidance and does not substitute professional advice which must be sought prior to taking any actions.


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