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We typically close most straightforward Cyprus probates and administration of estates within 6 – 12 months (probably the fastest in Cyprus) giving fixed fees from the start of the process.

How long does probate closure take in Cyprus for other Cypriot practitioners? Contrary to our practice, some practitioners may prolong the closure of probate to build up their fees. The increased cost and delays give rise to frustration and family frictions and cause an extraordinary and unfair burden on the beneficiaries.

When people try to avoid this by acting as administrators themselves, they may end up increasing the cost in legal advice required, spend time not knowing what is required in their role, when they should take each action and having personal liability for not doing what is necessary.

We provide probably the fastest probate closure in Cyprus for competitive, transparent and fixed fees.

We also provide fast will writing in Cyprus and can even visit you at your home in Cyprus if you are not capable of moving.

When preparing your will we will advise you on forced heirship rules, what to do if you have assets in different jurisdictions, if you are faced with incapacity and how to provide for the distribution of assets for spouses with children from previous marriages.

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We provide Cyprus probate and will-writing services to expatriates in Cyprus

1. Get correct advice on wills, probate and Cyprus trusts

Many people tend to put off the making of a will or planning for their old age and inheritance until it’s too late. This means that some or all of their assets will go to the wrong people or the state. Cyprus has forced heirship rules which makes proper planning of inheritance in Cyprus is particularly important for people with children from previous marriages.

We will advise you on the use of wills, using different laws in your will if possible, using trusts and any donations that you can do, depending on your personal circumstances and wants.

We are accredited by the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP).

2. Get a proper will or trust in place

You would be surprised how many times expatriates in Cyprus have wills that do not achieve what they intended. It is important to have a proper, valid, will in place which achieves what you wish and cannot be challenged. You can always change an existing will and you don’t have to do it with the previous advisor.

The aforementioned apply for trusts as well. It is important when setting up a Cyprus trust whether from the outset or a will-trust, have proper drafting to provide for your support and health for life and then to the named beneficiaries in the proportions you decide.

3. Get fast closure of probate in Cyprus / administration

Know what to expect from the start in terms of timing, costs and actions from your side. Have the peace of mind that comes with having a law firm in Cyprus by your side for your times of difficulty.

Avoid excessive costs and delays for probate in Cyprus. Get a free consultation and quote

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We believe people should be treated fairly and honestly and for us closing probate in Cyprus as fast as possible and being clear on cost from the outset is a mater of principle.

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Contact us for a quick same day quote or a free consultation (fixed fees for all of our services – trusts wills and administration of estates

Contact us for a quick same day quote or a free consultation (fixed fees for all of our services – trusts wills and administration of estates

We advise you based on your personal circumstances

We plan and take the appropriate actions to make you and your love ones secure for the future

The administration of estates process in Cyprus

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