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Transfer your wealth to your loved ones safely. Avoid family frictions and forced heirship

Making a Cyprus Will

Many people tend to put off the making of a will or planning for their old age and inheritance until it’s too late. This means that some or all of their assets will go to the wrong people or the state. Unfortunately, it’s not only when the inevitable happens that one’s wealth is under danger. The risks of attack from creditors, an upsetting divorce, taxation and forced heirship laws command swift action.

We help people with assets in Cyprus and abroad plan their inheritance, protect their assets and mitigate tax. Proper planning does not only offer peace of mind for the preservation or transfer of wealth; rather it goes a long way in preventing future disputes from arising between family members.

Plan early to protect your hard-earned wealth and the people you love with STEP accredited lawyers.

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Administration of Estate in Cyprus

The loss of a loved one can be a very stressful time. In addition to the immediate tasks that need to be attended to, such as arranging a funeral, there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. One of the duties that must be attended to is the grant of Probate, meaning the proving of the will, and the administration of the deceased’s estate to pay off the debts and transfer the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

The administration of estates is supervised by the Court and can be a complicated task. We aim to finish this process as soon as possible and we probably are the fastest in the market in doing so (typically within 6-12 months). We also provide a fixed fee for this so you can always rest assured that you know what to expect.

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Cyprus Trusts

Trusts have been introduced in medieval times in England. Since then they have come to be used in various scenarios predominantly in estate and tax planning. A trust is defined as the relationship when a person holds assets for someone else (the beneficiary). In Cyprus there exist two types of trusts. The common law express trust and the Cyprus International Trust. The former is typically used in estate planning whereas the latter has been introduced by legislation and is being used for tax planning and optimisation.

Trusts can be used to provide for people who cannot or will not be able to manage their assets, to circumvent forced heirship rules, to provide confidentiality and to protect assets from attack. Our lawyers are trusts experts, accredited by STEP while Gregoris Philippou is also a lecturer of equity & trusts at the Neapolis University in Paphos.

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What we do

  • Estate and tax planning
  • Trust creation and administration
  • Wills creation
  • Administration of estates (Probate)

Why us

  • Expertise – decades of experience
  • Probably the fastest closure of probates in the market
  • Out of office visits for people with health issues
  • STEP accredited members
  • Fixed fees – no surprises

The will & trust process

  • Contact us for a quick same day quote or a free consultation (fixed fees for all of our services – trusts wills and administration of estates
  • Let us know what are your concerns - where you have assets and how you want them distributed
  • We advise you based on your personal circumstances
  • We plan and take the appropriate actions to make you and your love ones secure for the future

The administration of estates process in Cyprus

  • Contact us for an initial free consultation
  • We assess the situation and explain to you what needs to happen next
  • You choose how to proceed and we provide a tailored plan of action
  • We take the necessary actions to make the process stress-free and secure

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