Making a difference together

At Polycarpos Philippou we are a tribe with shared values and vision. We are committed to getting results and providing an excellent client service that brings peace of mind to our clients. For all of us here it’s a founding principle that the workplace must be an exciting place to be; a place where people are happy and can continuously develop. This is why our commitment to the team is to:

  • Maintain a happy workplace.
  • Sustain a family culture as we grow.
  • Design interesting and fulfilling jobs.
  • Provide opportunities for the professional and personal development of people
  • Maintain a meritocracy for promotions and remuneration.

In our tribe, everyone is key, everyone is equal and everyone contributes. We seek people who share our values and strive to inspire confidence in all their interactions. We seek people for whom the ordinary is not enough, people who are hungry for change and excellence.

Come work with us

If you are interested in joining us as a lawyer, a trainee, in our accounts or administration departments just send us an email. We will get back to you soon with our job openings.