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3 Steps to prepare for your move to Cyprus

There are a few different types of residency applications that allow you to get a temporary residence permit or a permanent residency permit in Cyprus. They all require you to have a place to live in Cyprus, whether renting out one or owning a property.

In summary, non-EU citizens (including British citizens that want to move to Cyprus after Brexit), must apply for a temporary residence permit or a permanent residency permit in Cyprus. As the name suggests, a temporary residence permit in Cyprus (so-called “pink-slip”), is temporary, being given to applicants and their families for 1 year. The applicant can re-apply for it without limitations as soon as this expires.

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things you need to know about a residential complex with communal areas

Residential complex with communal areas offer unique living experiences, but they also come with specific responsibilities and regulations that property owners need to be aware of.

Whether you are considering buying a property in a complex or already own one, understanding the key aspects is essential for a harmonious community and legal compliance. In this article, we will explore ten crucial things that every property owner in a residential complex with communal areas should know.

From shared spaces to maintenance obligations and legal structures, this information will help you navigate the intricacies of communal living.


A will enables you to plan what will happen to your assets following your passing away. Subject to any forced heirship rules (see below) that may apply on a will having Cyprus law, a will ensures that those you would like to benefit, actually do so.

Yes, Cyprus is a European Union member and Cypriots enjoy freedom of travel in every European country as well as visa-free travel in more than 150 countries globally.

Yes, we can offer, or recommend a third party if you would prefer, to offer accounting and VAT services and direct you to independent professionals for the accounting and auditing services required.

Cyprus has a common law legal system. The English legal and equitable principle are followed in Cyprus unless there is a contrary provision in our statutes or constitution. The English case law on the same or similar points of law has a significant persuasive power for the Cypriot courts who typically follow the English legal position.


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