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Frequently Asked Questions

A will enables you to plan what will happen to your assets following your passing away. Subject to any forced heirship rules (see below) that may apply on a will having Cyprus law, a will ensures that those you would like to benefit, actually do so.

Yes, Cyprus is a European Union member and Cypriots enjoy freedom of travel in every European country as well as visa-free travel in more than 150 countries globally.

Yes, we can offer, or recommend a third party if you would prefer, to offer accounting and VAT services and direct you to independent professionals for the accounting and auditing services required.

Cyprus has a common law legal system. The English legal and equitable principle are followed in Cyprus unless there is a contrary provision in our statutes or constitution. The English case law on the same or similar points of law has a significant persuasive power for the Cypriot courts who typically follow the English legal position.


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