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Get advice on right immigration permit for you, find Cyprus immigration appointments faster and get assistance in preparing your application for yellow slip, pink slip and permanent residency.

1 Advice on the right residency permit

Are you a UK citizen, relocating from another country, a digital nomad, or a business owner considering Cyprus?

We’ll guide you on the right residency permit, explain the process and costs clearly, so you can plan your move hassle-free.

2 Documents review and immigration appointment

Our experts meticulously review your documents before your arrival in Cyprus.

To avoid delays, long waiting times or rejected applications, we also schedule your immigration authorities’ appointment, guaranteeing a flawless application and stress-free immigration journey.

3 Hands-on assistance and bank account opening

Our firm can assist with opening a bank account, and prepare this for you in advance. Sign up on arrival and experience swift account activation as we facilitate your bank visit.

In cases where deemed necessary, let us handle your health insurance arrangements with ease.

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Cyprus

Easy Access to Europe

Cyprus permanent residence opens the doors to the European Union, granting residents the freedom to live, work, and travel within the EU’s member states.

Attractive Relocation

Cyprus signifies the favorable lifestyle, economic opportunities, and quality of life that draw individuals and families to make Cyprus their new home.

No entry restrictions

Holders of Cypriot permanent residence cards have the advantage of not needing visas to enter Cyprus, even during periods when the country’s borders may be closed to foreigners.

Good Healthcare System

Cyprus boasts a high standard of medical services, with public hospitals available in every city and numerous private clinics throughout the country.

Education Opportunities

Investors’ children have equal access to education in Cyprus, enjoying the same rights as the country’s citizens. Cyprus also hosts branches of international schools and universities.

Business Tax Environment

The Cypriot IP Box Regime allows 80% of qualifying profits from intellectual property to be exempt from taxation, significantly boosting returns on innovation.


Thinking of moving to Cyprus from the UK or elsewhere?

Start your journey to Cyprus residency today – check your eligibility for temporary or permanent residence permit now.

What our clients say about us

I required a guaranteed right to live and work in Cyprus after the 90 day allowance. George Kosasvili managed the process for me brilliantly and I now have a 1 year Visa. George handled all my questions with patience and gave me prompt responses that ensured I had no worries. I highly recommend this practice

Commercial Director

I am very grateful to George Kosasvili for his attention to detail in preparing my application for temporary residence. The application involved several documents which George initially identified and then commented upon promptly, until the application could be made. George has been helpful throughout. Best wishes.

– Barrister

George was amazing! He was with me every step of the way and made everything so simple and easy. He was quick with replies to all my messages and explained everything clearly and simply. I would highly recommend him and Polycarpos – they know exactly what they are doing!

– Art Director

Reasons to move to Cyprus

3 Steps to prepare for your move to Cyprus

The quality of living in Cyprus and the low taxes attract many expatriates, digital nomads, owners of holiday homes and retirees.

Moving to Cyprus, however, does come with a few matters to deal with before enjoying your new home and lifestyle in the sun.

Top Things to keep in mind when moving to Cyprus

Top things to keep in mind when moving to Cyprus

Are you thinking of moving to Cyprus? We can assist with immigration permits, property rental or purchase, starting a business, or obtaining a tax residency permit in Cyprus.

Below you will find the basic information you need to know and how to make your dream come true without hassle.

Cyprus Tax Regime

Cyprus Residency for EU Citizens: Understanding the Yellow Slip

All nationals of the Member States of the European Union have the right to move freely within the European Union and to enter and reside in any EU Member State.

This right to freedom of movement is guaranteed by Article 21 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU).

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Cyprus Investment Program (CBI) was closed in 2020. As such, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is no longer available as a direct part to a Cypriot passport.

The Cyprus Investment Program is a regulation that amongst other that allowed people to obtain citizenship in Cyprus provided they have invested a minimum amount of funds in qualifying investments and comply with certain anti-money laundering requirements. *Please note that this program was closed in 2020 and no longer valid.

Under the new citizenship regulations voted in August 2020, Cypriot Developers are excluded from being regulated citizenship service providers.

The minimum investment is €300,000 in residential and commercial property or purchase of shares of local companies or investment funds.

For large amounts such as those required for citizenship applications, the banks conduct enhanced due diligence through international companies. They requires evidence of the source and size of wealth and the funds to be used. In addition, some background checks are being made with global databases, local databases and international authorities (such as Interpol) to make sure that the applicant did not obtain his wealth from illegal sources. The government also uses international specialized companies to verify the above.
Most of the checks are being done in the background so they don’t come at a hustle to the applicant. The applicant will however need to prepare the economic information and evidence required as well as his clean criminal record certificate and other certificates required.

The Cyprus citizenship approval comes approximately in 6 months after the application is made at which stage, the applicant must provide bio-metrics and take the necessary steps for the issuance of the passport. The passport is issued 9 months after the application.

You can invest in other areas of the economy except real estate but in any case, there is a minimum requirement of buying a house of €500.000. If investing in commercial real estate, businesses in Cyprus or Alternative Investment Funds, then you would need to invest a minimum total of €2.500.000; €2.000.000 in the investment and €500.000 for the house which will be your permanent residence.



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