Cyprus Pink Slip – The Visitor’s Visa

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Cyprus pink slip – Temporary residence in Cyprus for non-EU nationals. Benefits, requirements and limitations.

The so-called Cyprus pink slip is a temporary residency permit for non-EU nationals which does not give a right to work to the holders.

Cyprus Pink Slip Benefits

The main benefit of the pink slip in Cyprus is that it gives temporary residency in Cyprus to the holder for more than 3 months. It typically is valid for 1 year and can be renewed annually for up to 4 years. The main applicant’s spouse and underage children (under 18 years old) may also get a residency permit in Cyprus as dependents (for the same duration as the pink slip main applicant) and they apply at the same time as the main applicant with separate applications.

The Cyprus pink slip visa allows tourists and visitors in Cyprus to extent their stay in the Republic no matter what the duration of their initial visa was. It also allows people who are waiting for their long-track permanent residency application in Cyprus (Category F in Cyprus), long track permanent residency, to be able to live in Cyprus until their Category F application.

It also enables tourists and visitors to extend their stay in the Republic no matter what was the duration of their initial visa.  It is valid for 1 year and can be renewed yearly for up to 4 years. The main applicant’s spouse and underage children may also be granted a temporary residence permit as dependants. 

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Requirements in applying for Pink Slip in Cyprus

The applicant for a Cyprus pink slip mainly needs to show:

  • Regular and adequate annual income from abroad to cover the main applicant’s living expenses while residing in the Republic. The annual income estimates are €10,000 for a single applicant, €15,000 for a couple €20,000 for couple & 1 child and €5.000 for each additional dependant. 
  • Either a rented or purchased house or flat
  • A personal bank account in Cyprus with deposits coming in from abroad for same amounts as the annual income above

Limitations to the holder of a Cyprus Pink Slip

These are the limitations for holders of a temporary residence permit Pink Slip in Cyprus:

  1. The holder of the Pink Slip permit cannot work in Cyprus. Taking dividends as a shareholder is generally not considered to be work. Holding the position of a director in a Cyprus company is generally considered by the authorities to be ‘work’ but in some occasions where the director is not getting paid a salary, the immigration authorities may allow an individual to be a director in a Cypriot company.
  2. The holder of a Cyprus pink slip cannot stay outside of Cyprus for 3 months continuously as the permit would be cancelled automatically.
  3. The Cyprus pink slip permit validity period is typically 1 year and can be extended annually for up to 4 years.

Cyprus Pink Slip procedure and approval time

The procedure to submit for a Cyprus Pink Slip application is the following:

  • Booking of appointment date at the Immigration city Unit for the submission of the application before the applicant’s visa expires;
  • Choice of qualifying residential property, either rented or purchased;
  • Opening of bank account in Cyprus and transferring money from abroad
  • Preparation and collection of the required documents to accompany the Cyprus Pink Slip application (documents must be officially translated into English or Greek and be double certified or Apostilled)
  • Attendance at the Cyprus Immigration Unit on the set appointment date for the submission of the application. 
  • Payment of pink slip application fees. 
  • Capturing of biometric data (photograph, fingerprints etc.)

The application for Pink Slip is submitted to the Immigration city Unit that the applicant resides, and it is further forwarded and examined by the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) in Nicosia. In other words, if the applicant resides in Paphos, then he/she has to apply at the Paphos Immigration unit.

The timing to approve a Cyprus Pink Slip application is around 6 months, however once applied the applicant is allowed to stay in Cyprus until the application is approved. On approval of the application, a temporary residence permit card is issued.

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Most people moving to Cyprus do not know which residency permit to get, have trouble finding immigration appointments, find it difficult to prepare the documents correctly and risk getting their application rejected and do not know how to deal with legal technicalities and bureaucracy in a foreign country.

Getting the right immigration permit in Cyprus is also crucial also for the next steps of people moving to Cyprus such as buying a home in Cyprus, setting up a company or business and getting non-domiciled tax residency in Cyprus.

We help you make the process of getting a pink slip in Cyprus as well as all the other steps smooth, safe and easy.

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