Is your real estate investment in Cyprus protected against legal pitfalls?

Just like all countries, buying property in Cyprus involves unique procedures and factors such as title deed acquisition, local regulations, and specific tax structures that set it apart.

For more information on Cyprus real estate, download our free Frequently asked Questions that breaks down the essentials of buying property in Cyprus.

Let a real estate lawyer give peace of mind when buying and selling property in Cyprus without concerns on title deeds, mortgages or other legal or construction issues.

We provide independent legal services and consultation to people buying or selling property in Cyprus.

Get proper advice and avoid mistakes when in Cyprus

Get proper and independent advice for hassle-free investments in Cyprus. We guide you through the process, highlight vital considerations, assist with document preparation, and set milestones for efficient progress monitoring.

Due diligence and contracts that protect you

Ensure protection in Cyprus with diligent due diligence and robust contracts. Our team conducts through investigations and drafts comprehensive contract to safeguard your interests. Trust us for peace of mind.

Focus on moving to your new home in Cyprus

When moving to your new home in Cyprus, let us handle the intricacies so you can focus on settling into your new life. With our assistance, you can devote your energy to creating cherished memories and embracing the exciting opportunities in your new Cyprus home.


Smooth process – peace of mind
Fixed fees – no surprises
Know what to expect and when
Step-by-step support


Get in touch for a free consultation and same-day quote
We explain the process
We guide you through the required steps
We help you achieve the desired results effortlessly


Advise before choosing property in Cyprus
Finding property and paying deposit
Gathering information and conducting property due diligence
Agreeing contracts / signing contracts / making first payment (typically around 25% – 30%)
Completion (transfer of deeds) – Payment of purchase price


Receive advise before marketing your property
Marketing your property / finding a buyer
Revision of property information
Signing contracts / agreeing payment structure
Completion (transfer of deeds) – Payment of capital gains taxes and purchase price
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From the very beginning of our company, we have been dedicated to assisting individuals in purchasing and relocating to Cyprus while also providing legal solutions.

As a result, many of our clients have become cherished friends. Despite our significant growth as a company, we remain committed to our core family values, which continue to define us presently and will continue to do so in the future.


After you find the property you would like to buy, you should appoint a lawyer to do the due diligence and contracts. The lawyer will take care the transaction for you and make sure that you have a smooth process.

You do not need to come to Cyprus at all during the conveyancing process. We can deal with almost everything for you.

It depends on the reason why the property does not have title deeds. Read our article for more information on why property in Cyprus may not have a title deed and how to decide if it is ok to proceed.

There are a few considerations about this. The estate agent profession is regulated in Cyprus. A regulated estate agent’s fees are deductible from capital gains tax calculations (on the profits from the sale) as a recognisable expense. Other than that you should look for someone who has sold properties in the area where your house or apartment is situated before and you enjoy working with.