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The 4 Latest Trends Affecting Cyprus Immigration

Cyprus used to offer various investment-based immigration programs that allowed individuals to obtain residency or citizenship by investing in the country. These programs aimed to attract foreign investors, stimulate economic growth, and enhance Cyprus’ global competitiveness.

However, given the audit office’s findings of numerous cases of abuse of the scheme, it is highly likely that these investment permits in the future might face abolition or suspension as it happened with the Cyprus Citizenship by investment program in 2020.

Despite this, Cyprus continues to hold its position as one of the best countries for immigration.

Gesy – Understanding the General Health System

GESY or GHS, is the general health system in Cyprus. Its’ purpose is to provide people with high-quality healthcare services.

Its’ focus is towards succeeding covering the population by providing to it medical care, while at the same time emphasizing the right for equality and fair treatment of all the beneficiaries.

A uniform protocol should be followed, starting with the beneficiaries electronically registering in the system or going directly to the doctor of their choosing to finish the process jointly.