Cyprus Company Incorporation

Set up your company in Cyprus remotely in a few days and start saving on taxes.

We help individuals and companies save taxes and provide a complete package of the required services including advice on the set-up, company registration, VAT and tax registration, bank account opening, administration and accounting services.

Benefits of registering a Cyprus Company

12.5% Corporate Tax

0% Dividends Tax

0% Tax on the Sale of Shares and other securities

Structure your property’s rental income for minimal tax

2.5% corporate tax for software developing companies

Obtain work permits for your employees

The process of Company Registration

Get a free consultation to have any questions answered and set next steps with timeframes

Provide us with the desired company name and required information on directors, secretary and shareholders

We approve the company name and prepare the memorandum and articles of association of the company

We file the necessary documents and have the company registered in a few business days

We register the company to the tax and VAT authorities of Cyprus, take care of the UBO registration, open a bank account and assist with any other immigration and non-domiciled tax registrations required

We take care of your company’s annual regulatory and financial accounting needs as well as the company’s and your personal tax filings.

Cyprus Company Registration – Who is it for?

Solo entrepreneurs and digital nomads

Software Developing companies

Company moving to Cyprus – Headquartering


Parent or trading companies

12.5% Corporate Tax and 0% Tax on Dividends

A Cyprus company is frequently used by individuals living in high tax countries such as Germany, the UK and Scandinavian countries that are working in areas in which they do not need to be physically present at an office every day of every year (for example marketing, software development, consulting and management).

Solo entrepreneurs and digital nomads can register a Cyprus company to conduct their business through it and invoice their work from the Cyprus company. This allows for the reduction of income tax or corporate tax. Tax on profits in Cyprus is 12.5% compared with 25% in England and 30%+ in Germany.

Additionally, when such individuals move to Cyprus and become non domiciled tax residents they also pay 0% dividends tax allowing them to save on high income taxes. Note that in certain occasions people may be liable to pay contributions for the national health system at 2.65% on a maximum income of 180.000EUR.

Up to 2.5% Effective Taxation for software developing Companies

Companies small or large involved in the development of software and other qualifying intellectual property, have an incentive of moving to Cyprus or being set-up in Cyprus to take advantage of the IP Box taxation which allows corporate tax to be reduced up to 2.5% of the profits.

Cyprus offers a great tax benefit as the 2.5% effective corporate taxation on profits is combined with the ability to pay 0% dividends tax as well as obtaining quickly work permits for staff (Cyprus allows up to 70% of the staff of a company to be highly skilled non-EU workers).

Lower tax, Lower operation costs and happier employees

Cyprus does not only offer excellent taxation. It also offers great living conditions and lower cost for employees and operations.

A company registered in Cyprus can be used to move certain operations (for example administration, call centers, accounting functions, etc.) or all of them from abroad, leading not only to reduced taxation but savings of thousands or millions in cheaper personnel. And thanks to the sun in Cyprus and great living conditions, people are happier in Cyprus too.

0% tax on sale of shares and up to 2.5% tax on profits

Startups involved in app or software development can benefit from the 2.5% effective corporate taxation on profits but, perhaps more importantly for founders, all startup founders will benefit from 0% tax on sale of shares (provided of course that the company does not have real estate in Cyprus).

The 0% tax on the sale of shares is especially important considering that start-ups may round up losses for some or several years before turning in a sizeable profit and corporate tax may not be a concern before the actual sale of shares. However, a founder holding shares in a startup company in Cyprus who wishes to sell his / her shares will benefit from 0% tax on exit.

Extensive double tax treaties to assist in tax structuring

Cypriot companies can be used either as trading companies taking advantage of the extensive double tax treaties that Cyprus has entered into or as parent companies of trading companies in other countries, taking dividends tax-free and allowing for the structuring of the group’s tax.



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What our Clients Say About Us

The team is always extremely helpful, responsive, and is happy to provide ongoing support with all possible questions and issues that might arise. They really give the feeling of caring about the clients and their interests, and I would highly recommend them for any legal support you might need in Cyprus.

– Data Analyst

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your highly professional and competent services at Polycarpos, provided in both a friendly and accessible manner. Penny took our complex case on board and made the impossible possible for us.

– Informational Architect

Professional team dealing with every legal aspect of relocation to Cyprus: Immigration registration, Company setup, Bank account opening, Company financial reports, Etc. I used many of their services. Responses are fast, accurate and clear.

– Company Director

Frequently Asked Questions

The investment in a Cypriot business is one of the qualifying investment areas. For more details on citizenship by investment see our guide.

Yes, Cyprus has an extensive network of treaties on the avoidance of double taxation.

This depends on your goals. A Cyprus International Trust is typically used in estate and international tax planning and asset protection.

A company is typically used to conduct business or to accumulate the dividends from businesses abroad. Sometimes both may be used.

A shareholders’ agreement will regulate the relationship between the shareholders.

It may provide for different rules than the default rules in the law, such as both shareholders approving significant transactions, each shareholder having the right to appoint a director on the board. On many occasions the articles of association of the company may also have to change but this depends on each specific case.

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